The Holistic Education Organisation (HEO) UK was founded by two teachers who believe that education should be more than just attainment targets and a 'race to the top'. We are based in Leeds, in Northern England, and have both been involved in education for a long time as practitioners, academics and parents. 

It is the vision of the HEO to

* provide information about holistic education to families and educators in order to enable choice in education provision
* nurture a critical space in which academics and other likely minded people can freely discuss holistic education and its implications
* encourage the foundation of further holistic education initiatives
* connect existing holistic education communities with each other- both in the UK and beyond
* lobby the government and other people in power to offer financial breaks to holistic education initiatives (so that all families have the choice to become involved)
* encourage educators in the mainstream system to integrate holistic practices into their school day

At this point, all of the proceeds from the conference of 2015 (which will be the official launch of the HEO) are re-invested into the workshops, although we are hoping to register as a not-for-profit company soon which will enable us to widen our reach and provision. Eventually, we hope to offer consultancy services, regular workshops, an online book shop and much more.


The Holistic Education Organisation UK was founded by two educators from Leeds. Meet us:

Franzi Florack came to the UK at the age of 17 to study for her A Levels in arts and literature. She has got a first class honours degree from the University of Southampton and a PGCE and Masters in Education from the University of Cambridge. She is currently completing her PhD in primary literacy. Over the past five years, she has taught at a range of colleges and universities and has also been involved in research projects at Durham University and the University of Manchester. 

Franzi first encountered holistic education through the Steiner and Montessori schools her cousins attended in Germany and then by meeting Ron Miller and other members of the Alternative Education Resource Organization in the US. In 2013/14 she lead the application for a Steiner free school in Leeds and has spoken and written about holistic education at various conferences since then.

Natalie Rawson – Unlikely Teacher

An alumni of Dalston Mount Secondary School for Girls and Hackney Downs 6th form consortium in East London, each educational stage I met, collided with an experiment in pedagogy – open plan learning at primary – or policy – comprehensivisation at secondary.  Somehow, I didn’t complete my degree until my 30s, at Leeds Polytechnic, nee Metropolitan, nee Beckett.

Already a mum to two, I went into the classrooms of schools in ‘challenging circumstances’ and for 17 years as a teacher of English, middle and senior leader of Literacy, I supported students and teams to succeed against the odds. 

Meeting with a group of people dedicated to bringing the holistic pedagogy of a Steiner Academy to Leeds through the Free School process, I am now completing Masters in Education (Steiner Philosophy) at Canterbury Christchurch and am currently writing a paper entitled – Holistic Education; The Long Road to Resolution.